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For phone bookings or more information call 02 9608 4000 or mobile 048 808 4000

Or simply fill in the form below and one of our staff members will contact you within 24 hours

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Are there any obstructions along the path to the location where you have chosen to setup your jumping castle? Such as air -conditioner units, water heaters, stairs and water tanks?

Is there easy access to the spot where you want the equipment placed? (note a minimum of 1m walk way needed and we do not take our equipment through the house)

Are there any stairs on the way to the set up location? If yes, how many steps?

Our Jumping Castles must have a separate power point available with no other appliances used on the same power point. Can you provide one within 25m of the setup area?

How many hours do you require the jumping castle for?

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To confirm your booking we need a $50.00 deposit. Please contact our office to make the payment either over the phone by a credit card or direct deposit.


Entry to premises
Please provide correct information in relation to access of the premises , if we are unable to install the jumping castle due to insufficient or incorrect information you will be required to make full payment.
In circumstances were there are more than 5 steps to access the premises where your castle will be placed we need to be informed prior to the delivery as we may need an extra person to assist with the delivery of the jumping castle and extra charges may apply. If we are not informed prior to delivery we may not be able to install the jumping castle and you will be charged the full fee.
Please keep in mind wherever you have chosen to place your jumping castle you need to check that the access is at least 90cm wide and that there are no obstructions in the path to the access e.g. air-con, water heater etc.

All 4 Fun Jumping Castles will only accept cancellations and refund deposits if we are contacted by 5.00pm the date prior to your booking and this cancellation can only be made if the Australian Bureau of Meteorology forecasts rain for the day of your booking. In all other circumstances jumping castles will be delivered regardless of the weather conditions and if a cancellation is requested at this stage a minimum cancellation fee of $100.00 will apply.


  1. Please check that our installer has fixed the jumping castle by either pegging it to the ground or securing it to a fixed structure or using weights e.g.: concrete/ sand bags.
  2. The person supervising the children whilst on jumping castle must be at least 18 yrs of age.
  3. Jumping Castles suitable only for Children will allow no more than 8 to 10 children younger than 12 years of age at any one time.
  4. Please ensure that an appropriate mix of children is on the jumping castle at any given time.
  5. Please make sure children stay away from the electric blower that is placed at the rear of the jumping castle and the power cable that provides power to the blower. (All our electric cables are fitted with safety switches)
  6. In case of strong winds the supervisor is required to remove all children from the jumping castle and to turn off power source to the castle (for example winds 40 knots and above).
  7. Children are NOT allowed on the jumping castle with their shoes on. Also food, drinks, silly string, streamers or any sharp objects are NOT allowed in the jumping castle as it may stain and damaged the vinyl. If damage is found you will be charged for any costs of repairing the jumping castle. Also the jumping castle needs to be in a clean state when the driver comes to make a pick up, please make sure that you clean the castle before pickup as you maybe charged for the cost of cleaning if we are required to clean the castle.
  8. If you have hired a Jumping Castle suitable only for Children adults are NOT allowed on the jumping castle.
  9. Please do NOT let your children hang over the sides of the jumping castle as they may fall and injure themselves.
  10. When children are finished and ready to get off the jumping castles they should slide off the front, not jump.

Please note
If you have hired a jumping castle to be setup at a public park or other public venue you are required to obtain authorisation from the local Council.

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